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Is It a Normal Fight or Verbal Abuse? Here’s How to Tell

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Posted on: 03/12/18
Even the most compatible couple can have the occasional fights. Having arguments with your partner on any small issues are common as they are the part of a healthy relationship. It can be on “You forget to turn off the lights” or “What to wear on your friend’s wedding”, these small questions turns into arguments and then big fights.

When those arguments turn into something worse and your partner start discouraging you When you fight they use abusive words, They make you feel wrong every time. These things are not normal, that is known as verbal abuse. Every 1 in 2 women has to face this type of abuse. We know the signs of physical abuse but we ignore the signs of verbal abuse as we aren’t aware of this.

What is Verbal abuse?

Verbal abuse is when a person speaks abusive words that can hurt other person’s sentiments or used to control them. Truth be told, verbal abusers can cause a great deal of harm with underhanded comments or even with quiet treatment.

Here are some question asked, whether your partner passes health comments or the comments are abusive.

• How to judge that your partner’s words are healthy or abusive. • Those words are generally attacking words. • Those words try to dominate another partner. • Those comments damage self-esteem, confidence, or sense of the reality of victim.The emotional thread is one of the most common types of Verbal abuse. Public humiliation, threaten to hurt themselves or people around you are some things that usually people do. If your partner tries to threaten you, you should definitely seek help from others. They can also threaten you by saying that they will leave you to control some things.

Don’t think that you can’t do anything, you have right to question each and everything and moreover, you can seek help. Don’t think that you can’t do anything, you have right to question each and everything and moreover, you can seek help. You just have to shout aloud and stop your partner to repeat what they’re doing. They are not just the words, don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Talk to your friend or call a therapist who works with the clients and try to solve their issues.


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